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SOAS the Centre for African Studies (CAS)在籍の研究者が、Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana)と協力し、ガバナンスの質を高めるための才能ある市民を育成するためのプログラムに乗り出します。 このプログラムはイギリ...詳細 »


ロンドン大学SOASの大学院課程で学ぶ学生グループが、市民団体や法律事務所、開発期間などの組織に対し、無料の法的政策的分析を提供するアドボカシー・ネットワークを立ち上げました。 Banyan: SOAS Advocatesと名づ...詳細 »

遠隔学習プログラムMasters in Global Diplomacyが開講

2013年4月、新しい遠隔学習プログラム、MA Global Diplomacyがロンドン大学SOASにて開講します。同プログラムは、国際関係と近代外交について、徹底的な理論と実践を学びます。 同プログラムは、遠...詳細 »


ロンドン大学SOASの学生連合が、SOASにおける学生生活へ果たす重要な役割を認められ、表彰されました。 学生連合の代表は先週、国会議事堂を訪れ、the Students Union Evaluation Initiative (SUEI)への第3位ブロンズ賞を受賞し...詳細 »


ロンドン大学SOASは、2013年9月より、新たに大学院プログラムMA Media and the Middle Eastを開始します。 The SOAS Centre for Media and Film Studiesにより運営されるこのプログラムは、ロンドン及びイギリス全土の...詳細 »

本学学生がLondon Entrepreneurs’ Challengeで入賞

SOAS学生のMadison Saltersさんが、ユニバーシティ・カレッジ・ロンドンが主催した名誉あるLondon Entrepreneurs’ Challengeにおいて、Provost’s Prize(学長賞)を受賞し、賞金2000ポンドを獲得しました。 MSc International Manag...詳細 »


ロンドン大学SOASは新しく開講となったMaster of Iranian Studiesに対し、複数の奨学金を設立することとなりました。 これらの奨学金はUK/EU圏及び海外からSOASで学ぶ非奨学正規生が対象で、the Fereydoun Dj...詳細 »


SOAS Department of Financial and Management Studies (DeFiMS)が、the 2013 Complete University Guideによるランキングのビジネススタディーズ部門でトップ10に入りました。 同デパートメントの研究のレベルの高さは、2008年のResearch Assessmen...詳細 »


SOAS法学部Chandra Lekha Sriram教授がEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)による3年間の研究資金を獲得し、移行期の社会正義と民主的組織構築Transitional Justice on Democratic Institution-building (TJDI)のインパクトについて大々的な研究に...詳細 »


日本・韓国研究を対象にしたthe Executive Training Programme (ETP)が始まり、ヨーロッパ各地から参加学生がロンドン大学SOASに集結しました。 SOASは東京の早稲田大学とソウルのヨンセイ大学とのコンソ...詳細 »


ロンドン大学SOAS台湾研究センター長のロバート・アッシュ教授が、中華民国(台湾)政府から、the Friendship Medal of Diplomacyの表彰を受けました。受賞は、英国及びヨーロッパにおける台湾学術研究の普及に努めた...詳細 »


9月11日に発表されたThe QS World University Rankingsは、ロンドン大学SOASは人文科学分野で世界ランク52位に、またカテゴリ別ランクでは近代言語カテゴリにおいて世界ランク51位にランクインしました。これは、このカ...詳細 »

Director's Teaching Prize 2011 -12 Winner Announced

Dr Alena Rettová has won this year's Director's Teaching Prize. ...詳細 »

SOAS launches first ESRC-funded MSc in Research for International Development

SOAS, University of London, has launched a new interdisciplinary-taught Master’s in Research for...詳細 »

SOAS language teachers uncover student’s ‘hidden talent’

Teachers from SOAS, University of London, have helped uncover a student’s talent for learning Ar...詳細 »

Graça Machel Appointed as President of SOAS

Renowned humanitarian and activist, Graça Machel, has been appointed as the new President of SOAS...詳細 »

SOAS students take top two awards in major Chinese competition

Two SOAS students have taken the top two priz...詳細 »

Fan competition finalists to have designs exhibited at Brunei Gallery

SOAS student Valentina Bottari (BA Japanese a...詳細 »

Experts to explore Malcolm X legacy on anniversary

Leading academics will join SOAS students on ...詳細 »

Dr Fell spoke at Taiwan Election Seminar in Washington in December 2011

Dr Dafydd Fell was invited to speak at Taiwan...詳細 »

Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF) Visiting Fellowship Programme at SOAS

Applicants will normally hold a PhD or equiva...詳細 »

‘Infectious Enthusiasm’ Wins Dr David Hughes a Japan Society Prize

Dr David Hughes has been awarded a prize by t...詳細 »

SOAS Students Win Second Place in Major Chinese Competition

Two SOAS undergraduates have won second place in a prestigious Chinese language and culture competition. ...詳細 »

UK Minister to Speak at SOAS on Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction

British Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt will give the keynote address at the Sixth London Conference on a Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone, to be held at SOAS on 24 October.  Th...詳細 »

SOAS Radio Welcomes DJ Ritu's A World in London

SOAS Radio is the new home to DJ Ritu's popular world music show, A World in London. ...詳細 »

Migration Centre and Partners Win £3.2 Million Research Grant

The SOAS Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies and five partner institutions have been awarded a research grant to provide research and training in migration studies. ...詳細 »

SOAS Granted Degree Awarding Powers

The School of Oriental and African Studies has been granted the power to award degrees in its own name. Until now, it has only been able to award degrees on behalf of the University of London. ...詳細 »

Innovative 'Restudy' of Indian Village Life Wins Major Grant

A SOAS-led research project on Indian village life has been awarded a £774,000 grant by the Economic and Social Research Council. ...詳細 »

After the Shock: A Roundtable Discussion

The Japan Research Centre will host a roundtable discussion on the challenges facing northeast Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake. The event is being held in collaboration with ...詳細 »

Two SOAS Academics Honoured by American Oriental Society

Professor Andrew George and Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams have been elected honorary members of the American Oriental Society. ...詳細 »

New MA Programme launched: Anthropology of Travel, Tourism, and Pilgrimage

The MA Anthropology of Travel, Tourism, and Pilgrimage is being offered for the first time at SOAS from October 2011. ...詳細 »

SOAS Cyclists Race to Paris for Japan Relief

A team of SOAS students will cycle from London to Paris to raise money for a Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund. ...詳細 »

Sustainable Food Events, Green Week, 7-14 February 2011

4 February 2011 Get ready for a number of events highlighting the School's commitment to sustainable food during Green Week (7-14 February...詳細 »

Introduction to your new Energy Manager – Stephen McKinnell

4 February 2011 Stephen joined SOAS in March 2010 as head of Energy Management which is a shared role with 4 other Bloomsbury Colleges. Th...詳細 »

Bloomsbury Doctoral Training Centre Wins ESRC Funding

1 February 2011 The School of Oriental and African Studies has been awarded accreditation as a Doctoral Training Centre in partnership wit...詳細 »

The CCRJ is hosting a Roundtable Series on key issues in the politics of human rights

Together with a series of partners, CCRJ is hosting a Roundtable Series on key issues in the politics of human rights. CCRJ is also working with scholars at George Washington University and the University of Toronto to launch a major multi-year effort to develop a database and an empirical map of th...詳細 »

GDAI Residential School 2011, Mozambique: Call for Applications

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation in association with SOAS and the Centre of African Studies-University of London is organising a Summer School in Mozambique in April 2011 on the topic of ‘Governance and Development in Africa’. The residential school is for 25 participants who are policy makers, acad...詳細 »

1 Week Political Islam Course

This is a one week course offered by the London Middle East Institute, SOAS and SOAS Enterprise. Political Islam, also known as Islamism, is an increasingly important force in Muslim majority countries and regions of the world, within Muslim communities in western states, and at the level of glob...詳細 »

SOAS Celebrates Meiji Shrine Anniversary and Future Collaborations in Tokyo

SOAS Director Paul Webley represented the School at a series of events commemorating the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Meiji Jingu (Meiji Shrine) in Tokyo on Monday, 1 November.   For the last three years, Meiji Shrine has supported a number of initiatives at SOAS, inc...詳細 »

November Edition of The Middle East in London Hits Newstands

The November edition of The Middle East in London, the monthly magazine of the London Middle East Institute, is now out. The magazine is a leading resource on Middle Eastern communities in London. It includes event, film and book reviews, as well as original articles on cultural, polit...詳細 »

Dr Martin Lau gave a paper on ‘The Role of Law in Southern Afghanistan: Field Notes from Helmand Province’

Dr Martin Lau gave a paper on ‘The Role of Law in Southern Afghanistan: Field Notes from Helmand Province’ at the South Asian Law Studies Pre-Conference Workshop, University of Wisconsin Law School. http://www.law.wisc.e...詳細 »

Browne Review on Higher Education Published Today

The findings of the review of higher education funding and student finance by Lord Browne of Madingley were published today (12 October). The review was undertaken to consider the future direction of Government policy relating to fees and financial support for both undergraduate and p...詳細 »

Bloomsbury Learning Environment Technical Team Commended at the 2010 ALT Learning Technologist of the Year Awards

The Bloomsbury Learning Environment technical team, which includes SOAS staff members, was honoured with a valuable acknowledgement from the Association for Learning Technologists (ALT) at their annual award ceremony on 8 September. ALT is a professional an...詳細 »

October Edition of The Middle East in London Hits Newstands

The October edition of The Middle East in London, the monthly magazine of the London Middle East Institute, is now out. The magazine is a leading resource on Middle Eastern communities in London. It includes event, film and book reviews, as well as original articles on cultural, politi...詳細 »

CeDEP Voices Concerns Over DfID’s Agricultural Research Policy

Andrew Dorward, Colin Poulton and  Peter Hazell are among the signatories to a letter raising concerns over the policies of the UK Department of International Development (DfID) regarding Agricultural Research. The letter,  published in the Guardian’s global development section, argues th...詳細 »

New Book Details the Horrors of the Great Leap Forward

A disturbing new book by Professor of Modern Chinese History Frank Dikötter has been causing quite a stir. Mao's Great Famine: The History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-62 is receiving considerable ...詳細 »