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学生連合の代表は先週、国会議事堂を訪れ、the Students Union Evaluation Initiative (SUEI)への第3位ブロンズ賞を受賞しました。SUEIはビジネス・イノベーション・職業技能省が運営する全国的な賞で、学生連合等の組織が高等教育機関へ果たす役割を評価するものです。

To compete for the award, participating unions take part in a two-year process of assessment, which includes attending workshops and receiving on-going support to identify areas for improvement. At the end of two years, unions can decide to apply for the award.

The award was presented by the Paul Uppal MP, PPS to the Minister for Universities and Science David Willets, and NUS Vice-President Vicki Baars.

The SOAS Students' Union representatives included Co-president Sports & Societies Keiko Ono, Co-President Welfare & Education Alex Fulton, Representation Assistant Antonia Bright and General Manager Peter Baran. The director of SOAS, Professor Paul Webley, was also present, as was the alumnus and ex-SU sabbatical Nizam Uddin, who started the project in the Union.

Peter commented: “As a small Union, with a very small permanent staff compliment, SUEI was extremely challenging. However we used this challenge to rethink how we approach everything we do, and to use it as a catalyst for real effective organisational change to make SOAS Union more relevant and more approachable to our diverse student body.”

A spokesperson from NUS connected added: “This is the culmination of many hours of work over a number of years and represents a really significant achievement. Well done to everyone who contributed to this success."