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ロンドン大学SOASは、2013年9月より、新たに大学院プログラムMA Media and the Middle Eastを開始します。

The SOAS Centre for Media and Film Studiesにより運営されるこのプログラムは、ロンドン及びイギリス全土の同種の教育研究機関でも例を見ない、学際的なプログラムとなっています。この学位プログラムでは、中東の社会的、文化的、そして政治的な変革をめぐる、メディアやデジタルコミュニケーションの役割について、カギとなる議論を網羅します。

A groundbreaking MA Media and the Middle East has been launched by SOAS, University of London, starting in September 2013.

The MA, hosted by the SOAS Centre for Media and Film Studies, is the first such inter-disciplinary programme among comparable institutions in London and the UK.

The degree engages critically with key debates on the role of media and digital communication technologies in social, cultural and political change in the Middle East.

“Our new Masters programme responds to the growing need for a critical understanding of the changing landscape in the Middle East, particularly in the context of the ongoing Arab uprisings,” said Dr Dina Matar, Director of the Centre for Media and Film Studies.

Students will be given the opportunity to study the relationship between politics, communication and culture, with particular emphasis on case studies.

The SOAS Centre for Media and Film Studies already has three well-established degrees, hosts a vibrant research seminar series and attracts international renowned visiting scholars. The centre has a growing student body and has developed a global reputation for research and teaching on different aspects of media in a digitized world.

Dr Matar is co-editor of The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication and has extensive expertise in the region, including working as a foreign correspondent. Students will also be able to draw on the expertise of other academics with regional experience, working on different aspects of the Middle East, including media, film, religion, development, politics, history, gender, post-Colonialism and literature. SOAS also hosts the London Middle East Institute which provides teaching, training, research, publication, consultancy, outreach and other services related to the Middle East, the Centre for Palestine Studies and the Centre for Iranian Studies.

The new Masters programme is one of several being launched by SOAS for  Autumn 2013.