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遠隔学習プログラムMasters in Global Diplomacyが開講

2013年4月、新しい遠隔学習プログラム、MA Global Diplomacyがロンドン大学SOASにて開講します。同プログラムは、国際関係と近代外交について、徹底的な理論と実践を学びます。

同プログラムは、遠隔学習に150年の伝統をもつロンドン大学International Academyの協力で、SOASのCentre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD)により運営されます。

The degree will enhance its students’ career prospects for roles in Foreign Service or other government departments, international civil service (such as the United Nations or European Union), international NGOs (working in fields such as development, humanitarian assistance and conflict resolution), as well as multinational corporations and the international media.

Dr J Simon Rofe, the Programme’s Director, welcomed the opportunity to share CISD’s global expertise with distance learning students, saying ‘this programme allows us to communicate CISD’s mantra of “thinking globally and acting globally” to a cohort of students who may not have been able to study in London. Our two year Distance Learning programme, the academic equivalent of CISD’s long-established International Studies and Diplomacy campus-based MA, provides a rigorous and engaging course which places the student experience at the heart of our endeavours.’