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SOAS the Centre for African Studies (CAS)在籍の研究者が、Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana)と協力し、ガバナンスの質を高めるための才能ある市民を育成するためのプログラムに乗り出します。

このプログラムはイギリスとアフリカの研究者および実務家により行われ、レクチャー、セミナー、ワークショップなどを組み合わせており、the Residential Schoolとして知られています。

Policy makers, academics, government officials and civil society representatives from across Africa and the UK will explore new ideas and share experiences in this forum.

Dr Michael Jennings, Chairman of CAS at SOAS, said: “African citizens are increasingly demanding greater accountability and better governance from their leaders. The Residential School offers a timely opportunity to examine the different pillars that impact governance outcomes, from natural resources to conflict, and to explore new policy ideas.

“We are happy to be working with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, with our Ghana partners the Centre for Democratic Development, in participating in discussions about the state of governance in Africa.”

The Residential School will also see the launch in West Africa of the Governance in Africa DVD series, governanceinafrica.org and YouTube channel, with video lectures and radio interviews with academics and African leaders discussing the challenges for good governance in Africa.

Media representatives are invited to attend the opening reception of the Residential School in Accra with presentations given by Professor Chris Cramer from the Department of Development Studies, Professor E. Gyimah-Boadi, Executive Director of CDD- Ghana/Political Science Department at the University of Ghana, Dr Mike Jennings, Chairman of the Centre of African Studies at SOAS and Mr Abdoulie Janneh from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. The talks will be followed by questions and answers.